Toronto Antique & Vintage Market
March 3 & 4, 2018
Information Package

Please follow STEPS 1, 2 and 3.
1. Review the information on this page.

2. ONLY!!! when you are ready when you are ready to PAY!!! for a booth - indicate your move in time preference below and press "SUBMIT". 
Please submit move in time at the same time as your order so we can match up with your reservation.

(Detailed move in instructions will be sent 1 week prior to the show.)

3. Once you pressed "Submit", IMMEDIATELY!!! click on this link: 
(This is where you can pay for a booth, tables etc.  Payment can be made by credit card, e-transfer or cheque.) 

LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth BuildingExhibition Place, Toronto

Booth Rental includes: 
Corner Booth Space
Booth Back Draping

Booth Signage
Drive In Unloading

Material-handling assistance (as available).

Show Dates & Times: 
Saturday March 3, 10am-5pm
Sunday March 4, 10am-4pm

Move In: Friday March 2, 10am-3pm. (Set up can continue until 6pm).
Note: The move in times will be assigned in priority based on the order the reservations (complete with payment) are received. 
Detailed move in instructions will be sent 1 week prior to the show.

Booth sizes and prices:
10'x10' $350 +
10’x15’ $400 + HST
10’x20’ $500 +HST
10’x25’ $600 +HST
10’x30’ $700 + HST
10'x40' $900 + HST


TAVM andTVCS floorplan generic.jpg

The rental tables come in 3 sizes (4’/6’/8’) and are 30” wide. 
The tables have a white vinyl top and black drape on 4-sides.
The un-skirted tables are raw wood - you must provide your own tablecloths (fire treated).

No un-draped tables are allowed. 
All tables must be pre-ordered - there are no extra tables at the show.
Tables have a 2" lip on them and may not accommodate some styles of clip on lights.
Note - You can bring your own tables and tablecloths.

There will be white back drape (8' high) along the back of the booth.
There is no side drape. There will be tape at the front corners to delineate the 10' depth.

Chairs are available to rent. Please see the reservation form to order.

A 500 watt electrical supply is available to rent.
This must be ordered with your reservation. Use a power bar with a built in breaker when you connect to the electrical outlet. Please use fluorescent light bulbs and as few extension cords as possible.

Parking Pass:
There is a weekend parking pass available from Exhibition Place.
The link to purchase the pass will be sent in advance of the show.

Booth Dimensions:
Please ensure you keep within your booth dimensions to comply with fire regulations. 

Signage & Badges:
Booth signage will be in your booth when you arrive. Show badges will be distributed on site.

West end Toronto:

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